Blood Revolt

Extreme metal project BLOOD REVOLT, featuring the vocals of singer extraordinaire Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill of PRIMORDIAL, along with the whirlwind drumming of J. Read (REVENGE, CONQUEROR, AXIS OF ADVANCE) and the string attack of C. Ross (AXIS OF ADVANCE), has completed work on its debut album.

To be released early July in North America through Profound Lore Records (Invictus Productions in Europe), “Indoctrine”  features the following track listing:

01. Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun
02. Dead City Stare
03. Bite The Hand, Purge The Flesh
04. God’s Executioner, Praise Be
05. My Name In Blood Across The Sky
06. Indoctrine
07. Year Zero
08. The Martyr’s Brigade

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