BLAZE INSIDE ” Pure Potenciality ”

The curse of Latin America..Yes, the curse of Latin America.Actually there are lots of bands from there to make us surprise ,so what can else can be said except for a curse?The band im talking about is from Colombia and i totally agree that they are sick because they wait for 5 years to produce their first record.They entered the market with a good achievement.

The sound of the record is death/grind with fatal guitar riffs, harsh drums-blasts for sure- mixed with a destroyer vocals which is equal to an excellent atmosphere for the followers of this genre.Also some tracks are graced with guttural vocals and you can find some techinal parts in them.This 9 tracked record can take you away and give you shock for every minute of it.Other good thing about the record is there are no monotonous atmosphere also at some songs,Blaze Inside did some changes without went out the records concept.

The record begins with a track named “Universal Organism” which also can be deserve your favourite.Then the second track begins and for me,its a breaking point “Umlumbrant Origin” and 5th track “Torrent of Mysteries”…As you know, “Torrent of Mysteries” is full of suprises as its name.You can quit that high tempo for a while at 7th track.But dont expect this to be eternal because after that song “Shine Interval of Expiration” begins,again with high tempo.Thats how Blaze Inside’s record Pure Potencial.

At the end, i can extremely prefer this record and advertise to you if you like these types of metal.I believe that Blaze Inside will be a legend one day,even their first record is so great.Followers of the death/grind must listen that record,you wont regret it.

*Thanks Darknia for helping

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