BLACKDEATH ”Totentanz”

Heidens Hart Records – 2016 – Russia

BLACKDEATH from Russia released at the beginning of the year the CD “Totentanz“ via Hamer Of Damnation / Heidens Heart Records. “Totentanz“ is a compilation cd. It includes songs of the band from 2004 and 2005 which were already released as split cds.
The opener is an instrumental song which seems to be stunning and inpenetrably. It takes it full effect quite without any vocals. But, at the following song “Wenn der Vierte Mond Fällt“ it gets straight down to the nitty-gritty! Black Metal which could not be rawer and more primordial is now the topic! Conscious simple played pitch-black and cold riffs which build together with the strong-willed drumming and the forceful bass lines the musical base frame. The very dedicated and extremely emotional, nagging growls of Para Bellum fit in here outstanding into the overall structure. Played into the upper mid tempo it develops a dark, tense, depressing atmosphere which is icecold and pitch-black. An exhausting journey deep inward. The clue is in the title which topic is here death in all its facets. Even more astonishing that the all in all nine songs are all written in German language. “Totentanz“ is a good access for all who don’t know yet BLACKDEATH. Who likes raw, pure Old School Black Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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