BLACK SACHBACK – ”No Pay No gain”

Independent- 2013-Israel

In Israel Thrash Metal lives. BLACK SACHBAK proves this with their in June 2014 via Stormspell Records published cd “No Pain, No Gain“.
It goes off here from the first note on. Rock-solid Thrash Metal is the topic! Studded with several Crossover passages this results in a very independent sound which nevertheless isn’t able to and doesn’t want to deny its Thrash Metal roots. In the upper mid tempo moving songs which perfectly transport the street attitude and the joy of living. Relaxed by several Crossover tunes the guys are successful in getting across hardness and freshness. The snotty, weird vocals of Eliran Balely who is also able to scream from the treetops put the final touches to “No Pain, No Gain“ yet. Very energetic and thrilling headbanging and steady rumbling is here a must. The all in all ten songs are kept relatively short which is urgent required, because of the speed BLACK SACHBAK display. Technical impeccable recorded “No Pain, No Gain“ is a must-buy for each Thrash Metal fan!!!!


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