BLACK OMEN -Darkness Is My Essence

Independent – 2019 – Turkey

Black Omen from Turkey are already old hands in the Metal music business. They released in March 2019 their latest opus “Darkness Is My Essence“ in in-house production.

The listener is captured in a musical world of darkness and ice from the first minute. Severe doublebase drumming unites with strong-willed bass lines to musical basic frameworks of the dark kind. Pitch black melodies which doesn’t allow any hope of light an joy. Black, oppressive and imbued with infinite mourning the all in all five songs are anything but boring or verbose. Here is given a lot of power which becomes the production! The powerful growls of Karahan Karaoglu give the main points additionally which you don’t forget that fast. The diversified riffs give further hardness and identity. Thereby they are not too experimental. They sowith doesn’t sophisticate, but rather support the hopeless atmosphere. Skilful changes in speed give the entire production still more intensity and power. They show the experience of the musicians who exactly know what they want. In my opinion, the thin red line between melody and hardness succeeded here. Check out „Darkness Is My Essence“. It’s worth it!!!!


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