BLACK OATH – ” Ov Qliphot And Darkness “


The Italians BLACK OATH are already since 2006 musically active. They are heard from again in June with “Ov Qliphoth And Darkness“. The cd is distributed via I Hate Records.

Here is celebrated Doom Metal. Slowly constructing dark sound frameworks go into a gloomy symbiosis with hopelessness and melancholy. Riffs weighting tons which are often also halting develop and hold the listener captive. Sorrow, melancholy within your reach! The very emotional vocals of vocalist and guitarist insert thereby outstanding in the musical overall structure and is yet the icing on a cake of the whole. The all in all eight songs all move in the mid tempo area whereby here is utterly renounced of loud, fast tones. A journey inward of the human without a return ticket implemented in notes. BLACK OATH know what they want musically and are also able to implement it. Listen to “Ov Qliphoth And Darkness“. It’s worth it!!!!


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