BLACK JESUS ”Everything Black Everything Dead”

Grindhead Records – 2004 – Australia

BLACK JESUS are from Melbourne, Australia. Since 2008 musically active they released earlier of the year 2014 after a split cd and a single cd their first full-length cd via Grindhead Records.
The gents immediately get started. Finest Old School Death Metal is meant with it. Primordial and strong-willed played the all in all twelve songs have tremendous energy and freshness. Multi-variant presented BLACK JESUS renounce here of constant highspeed thrashing. Nevertheless the songs move in the upper mid tempo area and have sufficient bite not to get lost in the crowd. Hate, anger and rage within your reach. Thereby the gents make no splendid experiments. They rather consequently preserve their course which must not be a disadvantage by all means. Old School riffs which are diversified prevent stagnation and boredom. The game with different tempi reinforce darkness and tension and show yet again the bands’ technical adeptness. Who is not aversed to Death Metal should gain “Everything Black, Everything Dead“ by all means!!!!


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