BLACK FAITH ”Jubilate Diabolo”

Mother Death Productions – 2013 – Italy

The Italians BLACK FAITH put this year with “Jubilate Diabolo“ their first full-length cd in in-house production on the Metal market.

Old School Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Pitch-black and nevertheless intense and hard. Cold, hateful Black Metal base frames meet melodies which are supported by partial melodic riffs. A painful and intense musical mixture develops. Hate, contempt and also beauty are implemented here in notes. The life of suffering starts from the first second on. Supported by a severe doubleblast drumming which however never comes too strong to the fore. Rounded off by emphatic,dark growls develop here impenetrably worlds of ice and misanthrophy. By the permanently change of tempi and melodies “Jubilate Diabolo“ receives additional energy and independence. Lyrically is indulged the horned one which is right and proper for a Black Metal cd. Very ambitious and dedicated recorded. BLACK FAITH serve with “Jubilate Diabolo“ completely the expectations you make up to a good Black Metal record. Listen to the cd yourselves and form your own opinions!!!!

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