BLACK ALTAR ”Suicidal Salvation”

Darker than Black Records -2013 – Poland

The Polish 1-man project BLACK ALTAR is heart from again. Already since 1996 active Shadow recently pubished his latest opus “Suicidal Salvation“ via Darker Than Black Records.
What does my ears hear here? Black Metal through and through. Bands like DIMMU BRGIR at “Sorgens Kammer“ times (You can find this song at their “Stormblast“ cd) come to my mind while listening for the first time. Nevetheless “Suicidal Salvation“ got no copy, but a very independent album which doesn’t need to hide. Distinctive bass-lines which come in strong-willed go into a deadly symbiosis with diversified, dark riffs. Borne by never ending darkness and hopelessness the all in all five songs make a lasting impression on the listener. Thereby the calmer tones generate an oppressive, destructive atmosphere. The production receives dynamics by the change of tempi. From hard thrashing to very calm, little short of contemplative tones is almost everything represented here. Very dedicated recorded I can only entrust BLACK ALTAR to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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