BISMI IBLYSS ”The Dark Shadow Ov Al Ghargaragh”

Qalaqas Black ART Productions – 2011 – Malaysia

BISMI IBLYSS are from Malaysia. The band already acts since 1989 in the underground and they published their latest demo in June 2011 via Qalaqas Black ART Productions.

The intro “In The Dark Frozen“ gets along completely without vocals. It is very melodic and spheric and abducts the listener into dream worlds. What comes after that is the compeltely opposite. Black Metal is now the topic. Melodic and nevertheless pitch-black tones which express musically hate, darkness and hopelessness. Very simple kept song structures and riffs which represent rawness and contempt. The nagging vocals are corresponding which fit in very well into the overall structure. Thereby the demo quality doesn’t carry so much weight, because it reinforces the nativeness of the production. The lyrics are all satanistic and occult tinted. For all who like brute Black Metal a hint!!!

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