Bestial Mouths – The Loss

Bestial Mouths Shares video for“The Loss”The haunting track is included in the band’s RESURRECTEDINBLACK album.

Bestial Mouths‘ new release “The Loss” lyrically incites the listener to reflect on the traumatic cycles of life. Musically, the track combines airy synths with pulsating drum beats. The result is a beautiful and trance-like mantra.

“The Loss” is the most recent single off the band’s new album, RESURRECTEDINBLACK, shared earlier this year via Rune & Ruin Records, and described by fans as “Simply the best Bestial Mouths record!“. The video for “The Loss” was mostly filmed underwater by Sandy Holmes (Elemental Eyes Photography), during Lynette Cerezo’s stay in Florida.

We dive into this world without fear, but as days, years spiral past us, we/the light darkens, suspending us in the aspic of memory and disbelief. You are not the only one—we all carry it, are carried by it.Once broken, no soul can truly ever be whole. We tear pieces from each other, placing them into us, into the Next. Who will notice what is missing in/from us —when we move into the light, what frayed horror will be shown?”, shares Lynette

Emerging from the tattered shrouds of trauma, the new Bestial Mouths LP RESURRECTEDINBLACK weaves a world riddled by grief and loss—a world of broken systems, of toxic lands once sacred, of lost saviors and inner voids.

While branching deeper into the searing industrialized electronics and imminently danceable darkwave of her previous release, INSHROUDSS, RESURRECTEDINBLACK also continues to channel new and experimental paths through the project’s original gothic post-punk roots. Led by Lynette Cerezo’s visceral, emotional voice and lyrics, and featuring beautifully brutal production from Brant Showers (AAIMON / SØLVE) as well as Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus) and Balázs Képli (nullius in verba), it is the journey of a soul shattered, stapled back together by female rage and self-determination.



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1.The Falls

2.Lain To Rust

3.Dry as Dust

4.Our Souls Take


6.The Loss

7.Industrial Waste

8.(A) Siren Calls

9.In Ruins

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