Australian metallers BE’LAKOR have inked a deal with Italy’s KolonyRecords for the European release of their 2nd album ‘Stone’s Reach’. Therelease of the album will be 30.11.2009.

Quickly come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most promising andcreative metal acts, BE’LAKOR has recently ventured across Australia forthe first time, taking in performances in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane &Sydney.

BE’LAKOR can be described as melancholic and epic melodic death metal donein right Scandinavian fashion.
Album track listing:
01. Venator
02. From Scythe To Sceptre
03. Outlive The Hand
04. Sun’s Delusion
05. Held In Hollows
06. Husks
07. Aspect
08. Countless Skies

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