BEISSERT ”Darkness:Devil:Death”

Agonia Records – 2013 – Germany

The Germans BEISSERT are no unknowns anymore. Since 2005 they fill with their opus the sympathetic music community with sound. Their latest trick is called “Darkness:Devil:Death“ and is distributed in March 2013 via Agonia Records.

To categorise the music of BEISSERT with only one genre is plain impossible. A multi-coloured mix of severe Metal salvoes and classical Power Metal vocals resounds initially off my loudspeakers. But, it’s not a bargain! Thrash and Doom elements as well as lots of Rock and Sludge are processed here to very own compositions, too. Which reads at first as pretty confused becomes to eleven independent, very experimental songs. These are all located in the mid tempo area. “Darkness:Devil:Death“ receives movement and freshness by the variable use of tempi. The hard sound however always persists! Who likes exceptional Rock / Metal music beyond the well-trodden genre pathes can regardless grab here!!!!

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