BEHEMOTH ”Evangelion”

Metal Blade Records – 2009 – Poland

Michael “Nergal” Darsky could easily bag the award for the world’s most interesting museum curator. His expertise in arcane lore and ancient religions not only make him an fascinating person to converse with, but a sick musician whose albums prove incinerating efforts in esoteric blasphemy. Full of strange names, mispelled “of”’s, and brutal msicianship, “Evnagelion” continues where the last coupla Behemoth album’s left off. If you always dug the heavier-than-thou vocals, relentless percussion, and frenetic tempos that have made the trio renowned throughout the metal world, this album won’t disappoint.

The curtains open with characteristic bombast on “Daimonos” and once it wraps the equally abhorrent “Shemaforash” rears its demonic head. A slew of pounding tracks follow, each layered with sophisticated guitar play, precise drumming (how Orion manages to keep it all together boggles the mind), and nightmarish vocal incantations that harken back to the masterful “Demigod” album. Guitars fans are also well catered for on this release; listen closesly and amidst the insane decibels that glut each song are a few choice solos executed with the deftness of a consumate guitar player.

Yet Behemoth are no longer all speed demons performing with hellish fury this time around, as they choose to go mid tmepo for “Ov Fire and the Void” and the epic album closer “Lucifer.” Blessed by the ornate minimalism of its black and white cover art—depicting a goddess on her serpent’s throne with priests kneeling before her—which you’ll pobably be scrutinizing for hours, Behemoth’s “Evangelion” has been pre-ordaiend by ye dark gods to be this year’s biggest release. Whether you’re new to the band, who’re now deckd in the finest suits of armor seen in black metal (at least next to Dark Funeral, who’re second to Immortal), or have been digging them since the start, “Evangelion” barely shows Behemoth’s age. It’s like a fresh start for them as they embark in earnest upon an unholy quest to spread their gospel among both Christians and unbelievers alike. A godless endeavor indeed—excuse us Nevermore.


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