BAPTISM ”As The Darkness Enters”

Northern Heritage Records – 2012 – Finland

The Finnish 1 -man project BAPTISM is heard from again. The latest opus is called “As The Darkness Enters“ and is distributed via Northern Heritage.

After a sacral intro it kicks straight off with “Bringer Of Misery“! Lord Sargofagian offers Old School Black Metal. Pitch-black and full of hate the all in all eight songs abduct the listener in bizarre dark worlds without a return ticket. Traditional Black Metal sound frameworks come upon melodic riffs. They come into play a strange symbiosis between brutality and beauty which constitutes the sound of BAPTISM. Powerful drumming and the distinctive growls make a lasting impression. “As The Darkness Enters“ interferes a high intensity which lasts the entire running time and which doesn’t releases the listener so fast. The cd receives additional power and energy by the variable use of tempi. The use of keyboards still reinforces the impression of mystic, occult. BAPTISM has skilful sailed around the fine line between thrash and art. I can only recommend “As The Darkness Enters“! For fans of Old School Black Metal a must!!!

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