Bank Myna | Stellar Frequencies Sessions

Bank Myna is playing dark post-rock, cathartic drone, experimental four piece from Paris, FR.

The paris-based band initiated in 2013, Bank Myna is the architect of a unique universe where dark post-rock, drone, sound experiments and doom-like incursions mingle. Among a mystical voice and draconian soundscapes, Bank Myna’s music offers free structures within which the sounds are ample, deep and the play on textures permanent. Ecstatic vocals lead the way to slow movements before letting the sound space tear up under bass and guitar feedback. Progressive, intense, torn between shadow and light, the Parisian formation likes to give breadth and power to its compositions in an abrasive and instinctive live act, oscillating from flutterings imposed by drone sounds to dazzling noise and heavy rock explosions.

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