BANE ”The Acausal Fire”

Abyss Records – 2012 – Serbia

The Serbians BANE put recently their opus “The Acausal Fire” via Abyss Records on the dark Metal scene.

The song “Bringing The Force Of Aeon” is a very symphonic intro which constructs by discret introduced drums and keyboard sounds. But,with the following song “The End Of Humanity” at the latest it is over with the silence and tranquility. All musical hell is breaking lose! Pitch-black Black Metal with many Death Metal influences is now the topic. A bit moderated by melodic riffs develop now salvoes of hate and despite. Severe doubleblast drumming emphasises the aggressiveness and coldness. Rounded off by distinctive growls this results in an unholy alliance between severity and melody. By the use of very experimental clean vocals from between whiles this weird symbiosis is still reinforced. The partially halting riffs here and there interspersed cater for adiotional sustainability. Also a very successful DISSECTION cover (“Night’s Blood”) may not miss here as culmination! All these components make the sound of BANE very individual and creative. The all in all ten songs are very energetic and diversified. “The Acausal Fire” was recorded very ambitious on a high technical level which reinforces the positive general impression. Buy the cd. It’s worth it!!!!!


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