BADRAGATH ”Saptirici”

Demo, Total Death Productions – 2006 – Turkiye

Hearing the ” Saptirici ” , and especially the first some seconds – gloomy and depressive , i thought – nothing interesting . But these seconds passed , and – what an explosion of true extreme metal – , just my and a lot of bangers type . Grinding vocals with changing sound – from guttural and hoarse once to laughing and vomiting like .In the track ” Worship Satan when falling”the agression of the vocals seems like throwing out so many anger and despise and its impossible just to listen it , without feeling any emotion.”Belief of Satan” – the third and the last track of the demo sounds pretty remarkable with this sound-changings – from drowing and nearly calm to fast rising ups with fast and brutal drummings. Badragath really know how to use the best from grind , black and death metal and to combine it in their release , so to keep your attention while listening this demo .They make good contrast in their muzik- contrast in the vocals-screaming and guttural , contrast in the muzik line with all of its variability from speed one to slower ,and thats one of the keys of their distinctivity .Strong bass -sounding and creative drum-beats will inspire you , and if you feel like reall extreme fan will listen this one not only one time . My modest oppinion is that bands like this have really good future and ways to improve their ideas , playing raw , aggresive and self – independant muzik.


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