BAALPHEGOR ”Post Earthquake Age”

Fastbeast Entertainment – 2006 – Spain

The second album (Post Earthquake Age) of this Spanish band is quite different than the death metal albums I’ve received, recently: the old

school tones, heavy riffs, Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel)-like brutal vocals, etc. I’d say the style of Morbid Angel resembles most with

that of this band, although closer to today’s death metal bands, and quite technical. They have nice ambient type intros in some songs. My

favorite is the instrumental song “Post Earthquake Age” by which the album is named after. About the cover of this album; it is nice, but

not interesting enough. The band photo used on the inside of the front cover is also nice, but the world picture, on the background of those

pages where lyrics are, didn’t flatter my eyes. The picture on the back cover is perfect! This album will prove the opposite to the people

who think that the European death metal is not as good as before.


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