BAALBERITH ” Apparition Of Skulls”

SixSixSix Music – 2014- United Kingdom

The Englishmen BAALBERITH are already since several years on behalf of the dark forces on the road musically. Their latest opus is called “Apparition Of Skulls“ and is distributed via Sixsixsix Music.
It is almost impossible to classify the music of BAALBERITH into a genre. Black Metal tones embedded in Death Metal frameworks (or in reverse, too) is the rough direction of the band here. But, this would probably far too little. Dark songs full oi intensity and hardness which reflects decay, hate and death. Multi-variant Death Metal riffs reinforce the aggressive atmosphere. Darkness and loneliness come into play the next moment. Yes, you can hear even some Rock elements. This wanted chaos combines into all in all seven songs which are experimental and nevertheless very exciting and interesting. BAALBERITH exactly know here what they do and also have the will to implement it. Very dedicated and emotional recorded you should take “Apparition Of Skills“ to heart by all means!!!! By the way: The band announced to exist after this opus only as a studio project. A change of the musical style is also in process of planning. Let’s be curious of the unexpected in the future!


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