AZYLYA ”Sweet Cerebral Destruction”

WormHoleDeath Records – 2012 – Belgium

The Belgians AZYLYA were late last year after an EP successful to put their first full-length cd on the Metal market. It is called “Sweet Cerebral Destruction“ and is distributed via WormHoleDeath Records.

What does my Metal music trained ears here here? Gothic Metal at its best. But, don’t worry! Here is presented no fabric conditioner music! Symphonic basic melodies are accompanied by agressive drumming which has no overly priority. “Sweet Cerebral Destruction“ receives the necessary severity and variety of melodies by synthesizer sounds, piano insertions and very technical played riffs. Classical female vocals come into play a deadly symbiosis with emphatic growls which once more shows the bands’ richness in variety and innovation. Thereby AZYLYA doesn’t stay in one genre. You can hear here Death Metal, Black Metal and even Doom elements. Thereby the dark undertone always retained. Technically adept recorded the cd offers hardness and beauty at the same time. AZYLYA did a very good job with this experiment! Is “Sweet Cerebral Destruction“ still real Gothic Metal? You will know when you listened to AZYLYA. It’s worth it!!!

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