Avocyn – Ritualist Profane Satanist

Avocyn is a Minnesota based solo symphonic deathcore project exploring mythical and biblical themes, often shedding light on human nature. Debut EP “A Triptych Descent” touched on three events from Hebrew literature explaining human depravity. Online music magazine Beyond The Grave gave it a 9/10 and called it “a solid EP that doesn’t give time to settle in before the next moment of unrest. Heavy enough to satisfy those looking for solid growls, and atmospheric enough to possibly bring in fans not normally aligned with deathcore.”

The thought of overly religious family discovering you follow pagan ways evokes scenarios that play through your mind. This song is the embodiment of those visions, what they might think, what they might say in their ignorance. And it’s about fighting their stigmas and closed-mindedness about it.

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