AUTUMNAL REAPER ”Rise Of The Raging Death”

Apollon Records – 2009 – Netherlands

The Dutch band Autumnal Reaper –formerly Raging Death- is now with us with their 4th full length album ‘Rise Of The Raging Death’. The band agreed with the Apollon Records label, which has been focusing on releasing limited editions of older albums like Rotting Christ, Nevermore and Tiamat had. Also with the help of the bass player of Vandenberg, Dick Kemper on producing and mixing for the album, it had released at the end of the 2009. The album starting with ‘Full Moon Exscythement’, consist of 9 tracks. With the dark lyrics of Graven Image’s former drummer Royy Vermeulen’s, the album becomes more gloom while also Mike Browning’s (Nocturnus, After Death, ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Acheron) help on the ’Chambers Of Infinite Madness’ and ‘Guilty Of Divinity’ tracks, it becomes more ominous and dragged into a hazy air. Drummer Joost Westdijk (Heidevolk, Bolthorn); guitarists Waltr Verschoor (Kampfar, Graven Image) and Vince Wassink (Mortal Form) are full throttle, they do play with all the power. But unfortunately I can’t say that I really liked the album. I just couldn’t get the power of the want for to listen it again. But it doesn’t mean that the album is bad unlikely the black metal influences on death metal is pleasing to the ear. Also ‘Chambers Of Infinite Madness’, ‘ Realms Of Gold Inhabitants Of Greed’ and ‘Ex Mortis’ tracks are remarkable. It just didn’t come as a much crucial work to me. As a result, it’s your decision…


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