AUTONOMY ”Dimensions of mephitic decay”

Sevared Records – 2011 – U.S.A.

AUTONOMY is the brain child of Josh Wilshemann from Rhode Island,Connecticut.This guy does everything by himself on his debut EP “Dimensions of mephitic decay” – he is responsible for the drum programming,the guitar riffs and the furious growls.This EP offers five tracks of brutal death metal,the American way.AUTONOMY is in the same league as other one-man death/grind projects like PUTRID PILE or CEMETARY RAPIST.If you like this type of extreme music,this EP will not surprise you with anything special.The drum machine is grinding,the guitars are heavy as hell and Josh’s vocals are either deep grunts or pig squeals.Nothing new under the sun here.”Dimensions of mephitic decay” is only 12:35 minutes long so you won’t die of boredom while listening to this release.Anyway I hope the debut CD of AUTONOMY to be a little more varied in terms of music…


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