AURORA BOREALIS ” Worldshapers”

Xtreem Music – 2014 – United States

You actually need not to introduce AURORA BOREALIS. Already since 1994 musical active as a band the American old hands have slammed again in the year 2014. In terms of the cd “Worldshapers“ which is distributed via Extreem Music.
The little short of mandatory intro sounds rather oppressive and gets along quite without any vocals. So the listener is prepared a little bit of that what may come musically. Black Metal is now the topic. Very technical played coldness and destruction are worked out well. Laced with a lot of Death Metal influences they yet give an extra kick of hardness. Powerful solis which are more Death Metal than
Black Metal and the strong-willed doubleblast drumming give the frame for “Worldshapers“. Nevertheless you can’t deny here a certain basic darkness. Death, loneliness and despite. The nagging growls give additional aggressiveness and intensity. Very dedicated and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded you should listen to AURORA BOREALIS by all means!!!!


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