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Atrophy - Socialized Hate

Sometimes only a picture shows us a whole situation. 1988, maybe Arizona is not too cold but the whole world was in the danger of the cold war between the U.S. and SSCB. Nuclear power reached its climax. If a nuclear war breaks out then millions will be dead. Total madness! Who can stop these two superpowers?
Atrophy – Socialized Hate cover art by Brian Anderson

Some genres of the music were banned in the SSCB but in the U.S. metal was in its climax also. So Atrophy has created this masterpiece to the folks. Even album cover art was enough to understand their message.


A clown in  the middle and he is representing this madness. Nuclear bombs on both sides. Every bomb has his country’s flag  and ready to kill. Atrophy did what they wanted to do. A message to folks, states, commanders, politicians etc. and it was so clear.

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