ATRA HORA ”Lost in the Depths”

Darknagar Records – 2010 – Russia

Atra Hora was formed in 2006 in Russia. They don’t have any musical stuff except a demo which released in 2007. Band released their debut album “Lost in the Depths” in March 2010.

Interesting intro with darbouka, you are expecting an album with eastern sounds, but it’s not…

First I noticed drums, they used really satiated tones, this tones can be perfect for death metal but I can obviously say it’s covering other instruments in black metal. Of course, there are many people who loves that, it’s not bad, but the band sounds like more melodic death/black metal. But guitars, can be more high, this is the truth. Fortunately keyboards completing this situation, a little bit. At the end of the song “Dark Corners of

Universe”, calm, choir vocals part reminds me Ulver days. Record has got an interesting sound, I can suggest that stuff to the lovers of melodic black metal.


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