AT WAR ”Infidel”

Heavy Artillery Records – 2009 – USA

Ever since Evile kicked the door open for the genre a few years back, thrash revival bands have been cropping up in their millions, flooding every lcoal scene with rehashed decibels and more-of-the-same. At War are no exception, though their band bio is rather special. Once active in the mid 80’s, this nihilistic trio managed two albums and a compialtion before retiring into obscurity. With the current underground trend working in their favor plus a helpful indie label known for quality releases (Heavy Artillery Records’ motto: “It’s a sif the 90’s never happened.”), the warmongers are back with nine new tunes that take on America’s foes, foremost is Al Qaeda, who figure prominently in the album’s cover art and are given a “fuck you” on the song “Want You Dead.”

Opening with the malevolence of “Assasins” At War are careful not to include the fancy shit in their repertoire; they want it crude and mean, like a knife to the cranium. It’s a great song that’s followed by a slew of worthy tracks, including the self named “At War” and the trio’s salute to the U.S. Marine Corps, “Semper Fi.” The American soldier comes to the band’s attention once more on “Deceit” where they direct their contempt at whomever insults the sacrifes made by the troops overseas. To cap their fixation on anything connected with the profession of arms, At War deliver the NWOBHM tinged “R.A.F.” that glorifies England’s fighting men in the sky. It’s perhaps the most interesting song on “Infidel,” sounding as if Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” fell into Motorhead’s hands.

Once done celebrating the military, At War quickly shift to violent crime with album closer “Rapechase” and the vitriolic “Make Your Move.” Ignoring how the band proudly stand by what they believe in—annihilating America’s enemies with bare knuckle thrash—“Infidel” can be lots of fun for anyone wanting to hear veterans from a bygone generation take on today’s music scene. At War are the genuine articles with the battle scars and bitterness to prove it. This new album of theirs already smells destined to become one of this year’s prime udnerdog releases. He Man (that’s him on the cover) will be proud.


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