As Autumn Calls -”Cold, Black & Everlasting”

Rain Without End Records-2013-Canada

The Canadians AS AUTUMN CALLS are heard from again. After their cd “An Autumn Departure“ (2011) their latest “Cold, Blood & Everlasting“ is now at the ready. It is distributed via Rain Without End Records.
You can hear here seven songs full of hate and melancholia. Thereby they wander once in the Doom area then also again in Death Metal realms. Thus develop diversified songs which are very emotional. Nevertheless you will search in vain hard thrashing on “Cold, Black & Everlasting“. The songs flow like an never ending tide without thereby being boring. The game with different musical genres as well as the diversified, economical used vocals give the production the necessary energy. The songs all move in the mid tempo area. It develop dark dreamworlds by halting passages which are without hope and light. AS ATUMN CALLS use here growls and clean vocals which emphasizes well hardness and beatuy simultaneously. The use of synthesizers and even a cello confirms the bands’ richness in variety. But, the oppressive, heavy atmosphere remains from the first to the last note. It develop sound ramparts weighting tons which seem to contain the sorrow of the entire world within itselves. Productional recorded very dedicated and professional the gents show here that they are no beginners anymore. AS ATUTUMN CALLS are successful with “Cold, Black & Eerlasting“ to create a cd which gets under the skin. Listen to the cd preferably yourselves. It’s worth it!!!!


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