Odium Records- 2013- Italy

The Italians ARS MACABRA are no newcomer anymore. They released this year their latest opus with the patently title “III“ via Odium Records.
It gets here straight down the nitty-gritty! You can hear Old School Black Metal from the first second on. Cold Black Metal riffs which are nevertheless presented multi-variant unite with severe doubleblast drumming This often goes into the highspeed area and allows the listener no time to take a breath. Pitch-black, icy worlds full of sorrow, severity and misanthrophy develop which capture the listener. Forceful bass lines still reinforce this impression. The rapidity of the single songs nevertheless varies So you can also hear slower passages which partially offers also melodic speckles. Nevertheless quickness and hardness prevails. The all in all ten songs ooze of hopelessness and darkness. The screaming, very emotional growls do one last thing that you don’t forget “III“ that fast. Very ambitious and emotional recorded I can only recommend ARS MACABRA to any Black Metal fan!!!!

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