ARS MACABRA ”Hate Induced Trance”

Sinister Sound Records – 2007 – Italy

I am listening to this album in these days, and the album has two styles of black metal.Sound is good and raw as black metal, and also fast and brutal. Lyrics are occult and satanic,that’s very nice style. This album is released by Sinister Sound Records. And important point is Ingar Amlien (ex-satyricon, Crest Of Darkness) helped with the vocals in 2 songs. Those are 7th and 11th songs, ”Infausra Spirale Manifesta” and ”Nomen Exterminus”.

The album starts with an intro,atmospheric and martial with keyboards, very interesting. There are 2 intro/outro in the album. My favorite songs are; Et Nihil, Black Blood Promise, Hate Induced Trance and Kernel Satanika.

Et Nihil has good rhythm solos and the double bass drum kick is excellent and the song has nice fast melodies. And Black Blood Promise starts with a very low rhythm and solos then become fast and brutal. Vocals really comes from the depths. snare and cymbals are clear and fast. And bass and guitars feel equally and in good balance in the mix. I think this is a great work. So I just wait for a new and better album from this band.


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