Arrays – Obsidian Oceans

First single ‘Obsidian Oceans’ is a sojourn in the shadow side of relationships, when all is at sea.

Introducing ARRAYS, the creative sandbox of Auckland Musician/Producer JP Carroll.

For JP, music is an ache to soothe, and an itch to scratch. JP’s drive to create a breadth and depth of oeuvre has led him to become a student of recording and production techniques, as well as general industry knowledge, to allow his work to reach as many willing ears as possible.

JP’s production skills have earned him top 40 NZ Rock chart placements, as well as being anointed as ‘one to watch by the NZ Official Music Charts. The ultimate goal for JP is to be able to live sustainably by creating music, and ARRAYS serves as one such avenue to pursue this outcome.

The incumbent third album, PATIENCE WAY, continues to expand the borders of the project’s musicality, with instants of delicate intimacy featuring on the same spectrum as some genuinely heavy moments.

The record is angst-ridden, thanks in no small part to the uncertainty we have all been subjected to, as a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic. JP’s rock and metal influences catalyse and boil over into some fierce expressions of rage throughout.

The first single ‘Obsidian Oceans’ is a sojourn in the shadow side of relationships when all is at sea.

The second single ‘Forget Fast’ explores the desperation of recovering from the dumpster fire that was in 2020, only to be thrust into the same tumult in 2021 and beyond.

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