ARCH GOAT ”The Light Devouring Darkness”

One of the weirdest qualities of Finland market is the variety of the bands. Even though there are many gay / power / goth / death-wanna-be /black-wanna-be bands,there are many of them keeping their devil roots, staying old school and orthodox, living in South of Purgatory. Honestly devil worshipping scene of Finland contains many of the bands that I can’t abandon.
For me, Archgoat is the one of the creator of that sick era, who burned the expiation of organized religion to the ground and number one of the killers of all times list. The Light-Devouring Darkness is the best black metal movement of this year. I’ve been listening to this album for the last two weeks in a row and for many hours’ everyday. I’ve never listened to a black metal movement that is as much striking as this for a long time. Album is all dark, devilish true black-death metal. This one is absolutely their highest point at their career and movement. I don’t need to explain any further… Goeita Summa!


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