Musica Production – 2009 – Russia

Arcane Grail is a Russian symphonic Black Death metal band which succeeded to draw my attention. Their first album was released in 2006. Arya Marga is their second album, a.k.a Ninefold Path to the Innocence.

It consist of 9 songs and has 40 minutes. When I listened album firs time, I impressed from the melodical and symphonic style. And it has become my number one listening album. Grail Dimitriy has sent me the album which released by Musica Production. I want to thank him for introducing me to the band. When you listen first time you will think that is too similar with Cradle of Filth, even imitation of it. Although there is some affection there are a lot of original items in their music. In this sense it would be an undue criticism because even in homelands of this music, bands are still writing riffs in copy/paste way. Sadly, we are used to it.

Cover design of the album is modest and good. My favourite songs: Arcane Grail, Autumn Wed Us, Sinned and Love, Inquitous Yoke. Last song of the album is Russian version of Arcaine Grail. Cello and Violin is really great. I recommend this album that hard guitar tones of melody and melancholoy is blended with aggressive vocal well.


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