ARATH- ”Arath”

Deivilforst Records – 2013 – Germany

This album is the first part of a trilogy in the vein of Mortiis first 5 albums, but I must
say that the music which is here on this album is far more complex comparing to Mortiis
since it has also some parts which reminds me a bit of bands from the Austrian Scene like
Pazuzu and Summoning but without any vocals. Further more, the music of this album
also is more alive to say it so comparing to the music of Mortiis since Mortiis knew to be
a bit static from times to times which is not the case with Arath. The music here on this
album doesn’t repeat itself too much and seems to grow till its end. The titles of the songs
are made in a fantasy language so I must say that I can’t tell what they are about, but as
far as I know, this album and the next 2 will be part of a story. Looking at the titles of
them, I must say that it seems like they are of Germanic origin.
The album has 9 songs from which 2 of them are tribute songs to Burzum and Pazuzu.
They are not that much in the vein of those two bands, but the tribute to Pazuzu song
is the one which comes the closest to the band to which it pays tribute to. Personally, I
must say that I like this album very much, especially since this kind of genre seems to
be a bit forgotten by both, the media and the fans. I can’t wait to see how the trilogy will


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