APHONIC THRENODY is an international band. At the end of last year they released their first full-length cd via Doomentia Records.
APHONIC THRENODY offer truely no light fare to the listener. They rather present the dark side of the music in the form of Doom Metal sounds. Riffs weighting tons build up like walls which seem to be inpenetrably. Halting and full of melancholic beauty they offer hopelessness and loneliness. Darkness which never elapses and which burns deep into the soul. The dark growls yet reinforce depression and infinite mourning. They partially poach in Death Metal realms which becomes the production and which gives additional identitiy. The all in all five songs are all pretty long. They are relaxed a bit by the use of cello, piano and synthesizers. Each song is thereby independent in itself and discloses only after repeated listening its musical secrets. Very calm and sterling presented the listener is taken along in a dark ocean of mourning and tears. APHONIC THRENODY exactly know what they want and they are also able to implement it. Very adept played I can only recommend to everyone to plunge into the musical world of the gents. It’s worth it!!!!


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