ANTIQUUS INFESTUS – Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem

Demo – 2013 – Italy

ANTIQUUS INFESTUS already released last year their EP “Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem“ in in-house production.
What can I expect here from the Danes? The intro starts very calm. Carried by guitars it initially comes in very classically in order to end the next moment in a pitch-black musical hurricane. From now on are touched tougher tones. A black mixture of Black Metal and Death Metal is now the subject. Accompanied by an inhuman fast drumming of the drum computer flash past the all in all seven songs which pass in a blur to the listener. Very technical played ANTIQUUS INFESTUS reminds me of bands like the old BEHEMOTH. No, they are no cheap copy, but they find by independent arrangements to their very own sound. Slower, melodic passages indeed try to weaken the hardness and brutality of “Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem“ a bit. This however doesn’t work out. Therefor cater the extremely emphatic, dark growls which you don’t forget that fast. Ambitious and professional recorded you can’t also grumble productional. Who is into technical Black and Death Metal of the harsh kind should absolutely buy this EP. It’s worth it!!!!

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