ANTIPOPE ”House of Harlot”

Violent Journey Records – 2011 – Finland

Actually i think about this band name when i heard it looks like a raw black metal band name but this band makes a modern sound with touches every kind of extreme metal in their musical compositions. You can find some influences with industrial metal and extreme metal within doomy and gloomy atmosphere. Some says it’s post-black metal but i am pretty sure they have their own sound with no new names.

I was listening this album since one year,but i barely trying to write some words for them because i am not good at those kinds of metal , i personally listening thrash/heavy/death and black metal more they have some industrial touches and original sound. I cannot say they are “black” metal band or they are “thrash metal” you can find their every song with different partipations. They are using different vocal styles like scream,brutal,clean and some kind of pop/rock sound too but we pretty sure they have very successful vocalist indeed.

Title of the album and opening track is called “HOUSE OF HARLOT” they influenced by Oscar Wilde’s poems and using originally. Album artwork generally under dark red colours completes entirely.


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