ANTAEUS ”Blood Libels”

Norma Evangelium Diaboli – 2006 – France

Antaeus is a really blood-freezing band, i met them with their “Cut Your Flesh ,Worship Satan” album, they are very strong and merciless.

The band is getting stronger and stronger, and they are still brutal, aggressive and satanic. “Cut yourself philosophy…”

It starts with the song “Rot”. We have listened this song in some splits and other products. There are industrial rhytms in the album, and this tells us about the future of French Black Metal. But I don’t want and wait for such a future from antaeus.

The strongest songs are; “cyklik torture, controle and abuse, colliding in ashes, then comes the song “words as weapons”, it reminds me the beginning song of cut your flesh worship satan album’s first song; inner war, really perfect…

This album is for the followers of the underground, if you are listening to melodic stuff, please don’t listen to this.


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