ANIHILATED ”Scorched Earth Policy”

Killer Metal Records – 2010 – United Kingdom

Scorched Earth Policy is just one of the promos that I’ve received, and I’d nearly nothing in my mind about them. I think it is not wrong for me to confess that I was bit surprised when I learned that the band is not a brand new one after some investigation. The band was founded in 1981 and consists of the guys who did nothing in 22 years. They’d said that they was doing punk. Later, they did some punk metal (some say cross over) and splitted up. The album inside my cd player is a pure thrash metal!

They have ‘88/’89 albums, I’d like to have these but I couldn’t find them. In infos of these albums, it says that “cross over, punk/metal”, so it may have protest, critical, agressive sound. The album I’m listening seems to me so Slayer that I suspected that the vocal was Tom Araya. The band from Los Angeles made a good album. Thrashers should have a look at it, they can find sounds like in Reign in Blood and Seasons of Abyss. Briefly, the album is very technical and triggering one.


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