ANACHRONAEON ”The Futile Quest for Immortality”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Sweden

I had been in contact with the band Anachronaeon which was founded in 2002 in those days. I guess one of my review or interview was put into Metallicbrains. I found a thank for me on band’s third demo “As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies” that was lying on my archive’s dusty shelves. I would talk about how the band has changed in 6 years but the cd has broken down, cd-r explosion. I am glad to have come across Anachronaeon again, since we quit communicating, they’ve released 3 albums. The last one, The Futile Quest for Immortality, was released in previous December and was sent to me by the company.

The genre of the band is generally called as melodic death metal by most of the people but I think this tagging is not enough. Melodic, dark black metal was mixed with epic melodies, then two of them were put into heavy metal. Also there are progressive riffs and solos. In my opinion, there was no need to use clean vocal, I don’t like it. Brutal vocal can’t be argued, it is very good.

The band’s raised the bar since we haven’t heard them, quality of the guitar solos are on their peaks. They used to consist of 3 members, but they are continuing on their road with 2 members as a studio band. Have a look at the album, it’s not bad.


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