AMPUTORY”Ode to Gore”

Xtreem Music -2016- Finland

AMPUTORY from Finland are already since 2009 musically active. In May 2015 they put their first full-length cd on the dark Metal market. It is called “Ode To Gore“ and is distributed via Xtreem Music.
What does my ears hear here? Death Metal of the more brutal kind. Diversified Death Metal riffs which are now and then also poaching into Thrash Metal ralms build with a forceful doubleblast drumming the base frame of AMPUTORY. Without any splendid experiments the gents display a very high speed! By the skilful variations, you can also hear slower passages for recovery, “Ode To Gore“ receives flexibility. This becomes the production and prevents boredom. Hardness and hate from the first to the last note. The dark, emphatic growls round out the general image positively. Here are shown no weaknesses! The idea of hardness and rapidity works! Technical impeccable recorded AMPUTORY show that also highspeed Death Metal must not be only dull thrashing. Buy the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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