Amken – I Am The One (Music Video)

Official Band Info :

AMKEN was formed in 2011 in Athens, Greece. Blood-pumping thrash metal that bridges the gap between old-school and the new-era, crafted by the band’s unique style. With the new album “Passive Aggression”, out on August 26th 2022 via Massacre Records, AMKEN really elevated their game. A wall of sound is created by the constant “dialogue” between their singers, the super tight rhythm section that the bass provides alongside the relentless pummeling drumming, combined with intricate riffs and emotional melodies that the guitars unleash. Fotis Benardo (Sixfornine, ex-Septicflesh) was behind the mixing desk, inspiring the band to shape their new sound which blends originally their vintage roots with modern elements and influences. The mastering was completed by George Nerantzis (Abbath, Dark Funeral, Pain Of Salvation), and artwork fashioned by Adam Burke (Vektor, Fit for an Autopsy, Hooded Menace, Creeping Death). In the course of their brief existence, playing 2018’s Japanese Assault fest in Tokyo, Japan and with a European tour alongside Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH in their arsenal, AMKEN has shared the stage with world-renowned metal acts such as SODOM (DE), DESTRUCTION (DE), SUICIDAL ANGELS (GR), SIX FEET UNDER (US), MERCILESS (SE), NERVOSA (BR), SKELETONWITCH (US), SKULL FIST (CA) and others; following their debut full-length album “Theater of the Absurd” (2017) which was released by No Remorse Records and their first EP “Adrenaline Shot” (2014).

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