AMEBIX ”Redux”

Profane Existence – 2010 – United Kingdom

AMEBIX are considered the first ever crust/punk band and their influence over hundreds of extreme metal groups is undoubtful.Unfortunately the subject of this review – the EP “Redux” isn’t any new material.The four songs here are re-recorded old tracks: “Arise!” from the album with the same name from 1985,”Winter” from the “Winter” single,”Chain Reaction” from the “Monolith” album (1987) and “Progress ?” from the “No Sanctuary” EP (1983).I’m an AMEBIX fan but I don’t see the reason for re-recording this old stuff.Sure it sounds better since these are all tracks from the 80’s and the re-recording of the new versions took place in 2009 but apart from that,there is nothing much for the fans.Hopefully AMEBIX will release some new material soon but until then take a listen at “Redux” if you wish…


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