The Ajna Offensive – 2018 – Italy

Altar Of Perversion are from Italy and truely no newcomers anymore. The gents released in 2018 their latest double cd which is called “Intra Naos“. They received help from the label The Ajna Offensive.

The guys play unblemished Old School Black Metal. Cold and vitriolic without hope and light. Simple riffs and bass lines merge with forceful doubleblast drumming to an unholy black musical mass. Slower passages now and then reinforce the oppressive atmosphere and drag the listener into a maelstrom of mourning and hopelessness. Thereby each song is a completely opus already. Slowly constructing musical arcs of suspense which make mourning and darkness literally noticeably unite with reedy vocals to apocalyptic trips staright into the abysm of hell. No surprise at running times of 13-25 minutes per song it is not always easy for the listener to reorient in the world of ALTAR OF PERVERSION. But, if you bother to do so, the listener will surely not be disappointed. Listen to “Intra Naos“. It’s worth it!!!!


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