Firstly, I want to thank you. You haven’t been around for ten years. What is the reason of that long space?
Mathias: Pretty much because we just lost interest in the band when the record label who was supposed to release The Herostratic legacy went bankrupt. But that is all in the past and now we have Pulverised supporting us 100% and things are good.

Band consist 3 people and all of you have a lot of side band project. Will these projects go on? And do I get the chance of listening – for me, the most important project- Algaion?
Mårten is the only one with an active sideproject in Arditi. They have a new album recorded and waiting for release. I’m not really involved in any active bands except for Algaion and Robert’s band Corporation 187 is on a break I guess. SO more or less full focus on Algaion for all of us.

What have you göne through in the process of Exthros?
Stress hehe. I wrote 3 songs in early 2008 and sent to some labels but when the time came to start recording Exthros in January 2009 I only had 5-6 songs finished so I had to write a lot of stuff when the recording was already in progress. But this is usually how we work so I guess nothing has changed since the 90’s.

Is Pulverised Records giving full support to you on distribution or promo?
Absolutely. I get e-mails from promotion companies in Europe and the US saying that they are handling promotion for us on behalf of Pulverised and this is the first time we’ve ever had the privilege of working with such a professional record label.

I want to ask the importance of Rotting Christ for you guys. I feel the effect of this band in your songs. Besides there is a RC cover on the album.
Rotting Christ is the only reason I ever started this band. R.C and early Thou art lord were huge influences on us in the early 90’s. I had some riffs in 92-93 that just didn’t fit in the band me and Mårten played in back then. Very "Greek" sounding riffs so we decided to start Algaion instead. It was an easy and natural choice for us to pay tribute to these two bands by recording a cover of Sign of evil existence and The era of satan rising. Without Rotting Christ there would be no Algaion.

Håvard Ellefsen (he’s special for me) was in band for a while. Why haven’t you continue with him?
He was actually never in the band. I get this question all the time. He was a personal friend of me and Mårten so he was asked to play bass for a live gig back in 1994 (I think) and he accepted. The gig never happened though so he actually never played in the band. But we get this question quite often.

A legend such Peter Tägtgren has worked with you for a period. How is your relationship with Hypocrisy. (Maybe I would like you to say hello them for me. 🙂 )
I would say that between 1995-2002 the relationship was very good since I played guitar live with Hypocrisy back then. i don’t talk to Peter as often as back then obvoiusly but we talk every now and then. It was a fantastic time playing with Hypocrisy and Pain. A lot of great memories. I’ll be sure to tell him you said hello when I meet him next time.

What do you think about North Europe, the land where a band emerges everyday?
To be honest I don’t really follow the scandinavian scene that much any more. In my opinion there’s not much being released today that catches my interest. But this is not just Sweden but the scene in general. I don’t really listen to much black metal these days. I like the bands I liked 10 years ago with very few exceptions. I know that I’ll never get disappointed if I listen to Death cult armageddon by Dimmu Borgir, In the nightside eclipse by Emperor or Thy mighty contract by Rotting Christ for example.

Do you have any plan of tour or concert?
No not really. If any offers come up we will of course consider it but we’re not actively looking for tours or gigs. Perhaps in Turkey? 🙂

Who do you listen? And How much affection do they have on you?
Like I said earlier. I listen to the same old stuff I always listened to. My all time favourite band is King Diamond even though he has not released a good album since The eye in 1990. But everything before that is absolutely amazing. My favourite black metal band is Dimmu Borgir. I know it’s not very cool to like this band but I’ve been a fan since Stormblast and I think they have released very solid albums ever since then.
I’ve always liked the "melodic" bands more than the grim old school bands even though they have their moments. I think this also reflects in the way I write music for Algaion.

‘’The last of cursed days’’ is my favorite on the albüm. I want to ask a highly personal question: If you have a chance sending just one song to a listener who wants to know about you, which one would you send?
Hmm, tough choice. My favourite song on Exthros is Ruach Adversi but my all time favourite Algaion song is Cupidus Imperii from the Vox Clamentis MCD so I guess one of those songs.

That’s all of my questions. Would you like to say anything else?
Many thanks for the interest shown in Algaion. This was our first interview ever from Turkey so hope to someday soon play for you guys in Turkey. Horns up!

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