ALEA JACTA ”The Empire Will Falll”

Self-released – 2012 – Spain

The Spaniards ALEA JACTA are already since 1994 musically active. Their latest trick is called “The Empire Will Fall“ and is distributed via Necromance Records.

The gents play modern Hardcore through and through. Riddled with some Thrash Metal speckles this results in a lively and going forwards mixture. Powerful drumming supports hardness and sustainability of the songs. Strong, forceful bass lines emphasise the hard general impression of the production. By the dark, distinctie vocals of Eduardo Vera which also sometimes passes over into growls the border to Metalcore becomes little short of tripping. This also confirm the melodic parts of the EP which rather go into the Metalcore area but are nevertheless not soft. “The Empire Will Fall“ has definitiely punch! By the variable use of tempo and melodies develop six powerful songs which are all different and nevertheless sustainable. Very professional recorded I can only recommend ALEA JACTA to each Hardcore and Metalcore fan!!!

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