AHAB ”The Boats of the Glen Carrig”

Napalm Records -2015- Germany

The new opus from this German Doom Metal is a concept album about the book from William Hope Hodgson with the same title as this album. So far, this s their most unique and well made album. Doom Metal elements meets Progressive Rock elements which combined give a great atmosphere to the songs here. At certain moments they even remind me of Alcest and Les Discrets. Just, comparing to those bands, Ahab goes a bit slower to work just like a true Funeral/Doom Metal band should do. I guess that that is the biggest reason why this genre s so popular but also I must admit that by listening to this album, I understand why this band has such a loyal fan base. The album might be short when it comes to the amount of songs, but the play length isn’t short at all since the 5 songs here are almost one hour long all together. This album will surely be a jewel for every Ahab and Doom Metal fan.


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