Selfmadegod Records announced the release of the Peel Sessions CD by the cult grind band AGATHOCLES from Belgium.

Selfmadegod from Poland will release a 15-song never-heard-before fistful of songs recorded at BBC RADIO in London, England by none other than legendary John Peel back in 1997! There are many classic AG songs featured on this release, like “Theatric Symbolisation Of Life,” “Mutilated Regurgitator,” “Consuming Endoderme Pus,” and “Kill Your Fucking Idols” to mention but a few.

The music is simply AGATHOCLES: raw, minimalistic grindpunk with political lyrics. The booklet includes lyrics and liner notes about how this material was recorded.

Peel Sessions is set to release in March of 2010. In the meantime please visit the band’s official website at:


1. A Start At Least
2. Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
3. MutilatedRegurgitator
4. Consuming Endoderme Pus
5. The Accident
6. Kill YourFucking Idols
7. Lay Off Me
8. Media Creations
9. Age Of The Mutants
10. Thy Kingdom Won’t Come
11. Reduced To An Object
12. Is There APlace?
13. He Cared
14. Be Your Own God
15. Christianity Means Tyranny

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