AGALLOCH ”Faustian Echoes”

Dämmerungs Art – 2012 – U.S.A.

It’s now almost two years since Agalloch brought out their latest album “Marrow Of The Spirit” and now this EP is their new life sign. This EP has only one song on it which is also the longest song that Agalloch ever recorded with almost 22 minutes. As you can guess by the name of this EP, this song is based on the book Faust by J.W.Goethe. In my opinion, this is the best attempt to make a song based on this book. The music of this album is close to the music of their last album. Again, this release is dark and at some times very hard and fast. A style that Agalloch started to play with “Marrow Of The Spirit” like I already said. Do to the length of this song; you can expect a lot of changes in it. At some moments it is very calm; at some others it is very fast and even brutal and reminds me a bit of Taake. Another time, the music gets a bit scary with all the dark in it. Sometimes, the band uses some samples from some broadcasts or movies to give a certain touch to this song. The song opens with a sample where Dr. Faust summons the demon. A very interesting detail. Somehow like on the “White EP” where the bands used samples from the “Wicker Man” movie.


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